How many people are involved in MJ’s murder?

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‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson, who died last year owing to a sudden cardiac arrest may be resting in his cold, dark grave in peace but MJ’s fans and family circles aren’t in the mood to bury the case. Now that investigations, undertaken by the Los Angeles Police Department have pointed the finger at MJ’s negligent Doctor, the late moonwalker’s family-ones are leaving no stone unturned to ensure justice to the departed soul.

“We want the paperwork to come out to show just what drugs were put inside him and what happened in his last few hours alive. Much of the documentation has been kept secret and we can’t understand it,” cites a family source.

“We still feel that there is more than one person responsible for Michael’s tragic death. Joe (Michael’s dad) won’t give up on getting justice for his son and a lawsuit is his focus,” adds the source.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who administered propofol and a couple of other deadly sedates into Jackson’s body, has been hammered for homicide, but if more names pop out, then the high-profile case may take an intriguing turn, but, all this drama, in no way, can bring back the icon from the dead. He’s gone and gone for ever…

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