Michael Jackson- Do famous people die younger?

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There are number of cases where famous people died so early in their lives. Almost every year we have witness celebrities from all kind of fields have died in their 30’s and 40’s. 2009 has gone by just few days back, it also not an exception. In this year, we have seen a number of celebrities, especially from Hollywood passed away. Few of them are not natural death. Many people believe that famous people die in threes. They say when a famous people or a celebrity dies, within few days or in a very short span of time, two more celebrity or famous people will also die. This belief has come from past experiences of this kind of incidents. Actually there is no scientific reason or evidence to believe in this. Till now, this theory is purely hypothetical and nobody could find any satisfactory answer behind this. Science does not say a person will die early if he or she is famous. We can predict that anybody can die early, but a death of a celebrity in younger age catches the attention of the people more easily.

In 2009, after the death of Michael Jackson, two another famous celebrity from Hollywood also died. One is Ed McMahon and another is Farrah Faucctt. Nobody can actually explain why these incidents happen, but there is number of incidents in history where threecelebrities died one after another.


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